Thursday, November 30, 2006

The World's Downhill Movement

The world is constantly trying to improve itself. Better technology, cures for disease, transportation, etc. Is all of this really helping the world, on the other hand, is it hurting it? You see, think about the "pilgrims" era. Was there excessive killing, raping, stress, suicide, drugs? No. There might have been some, yes, but that is only natural because there will always be people that are "bad". Oh, and don't think that I'm against technology or anything. That is the farthest thing from it. In fact, I want to help make technology better. I am planning on being a computer scientist, in fact. After all, I am on the computer right now, am I not? Anyway, back to the subject at hand. The real subject. Turn on the news and 99% of the things reported on are bad. The world is in a downward spiral with nothing powerful enough to stop it. Well, of course it would stop if everyone miraculously was consciencious about the worlds problems and did something about it immediately. In reality though, which we are in, there is nothing that is going to stop it. People everyday try to innovate in a new way to make better products, trying to make the world closer to perfection. This is the most fictional ideas that man has yet to come up with. Think about it, why do people always refer to the past as "the good old days". Grandpa said, "Remember back in the good old days when we didn't lock our doors, the kids could walk anywhere around town without us worrying, the air was cleaner, sky bluer", and on and on the list went.That's not the point though, because like I already said, "the world is in a downward spiral with no stopping it". The only thing we can really do is help to slow it down. If everyone just pitched in to do their own part in the restoration of the world. So, in conclusion, do you agree, and how do you think each person can contribute to make the world a better place?

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Dr Moe said...

Don't give up on the World Benjamin, there's lots of people moving into a healthier relationship with themselves and their neighbors.

Thanks for your post at my site today. Here are some addresses where my book "The Voice - A Metaphor for Personal Development" can be found.

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Just came by to check out your blog. I like that you're thoughful and serious about our state in the world. That's been the story of my life, my writing and my music.


Maurice Turmel